Crowns are fixed prosthetic replacements used to restore teeth that are broken, weakened by caries or a large filling. They are permanently fixed to the drilled tooth or dental implant in order to restore the shape and contour of the tooth. Crowns can be made of ceramic fused to a metal base, and in this case they are known as metal-ceramic crowns. Also, they can be made of ceramic fused to a zirconium base which makes them zirconia crowns. There are also all-ceramic crowns made of lithium disilicate base covered with ceramics.

All-ceramic crowns and zirconia crowns are made using the most advanced CAD / CAM digital technology that guarantees perfect precision in connecting crowns to drilled teeth or dental implants. Non-metal base gives a natural look when crowns are connected to gums, and since these crowns are more translucent and have better light transmitting properties, they are the best aesthetic choice.

Zircon crowns and all-ceramic crowns are aesthetically superior to metal-ceramic crowns.



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