Periodontitis is among two of the most prevalent diseases in our population, the second one being caries cavities / tooth decay. The main cause is dental plaque, a soft deposit on the teeth surface containing bacteria whose enzymes and toxins continually damage the support structure of the teeth. As a result, the gums bleed and become painful. If not treated, the plaque can extend below the gum line and create pockets. In the terminal phase the bone supporting the teeth is permanently damaged, the teeth lose their support and need to be extracted.

The presence of calculus tartar – plaque that has calcified and hardened – is another cause of periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease can increase the frequency of some systemic diseases such as cardiovascular and pulmonary disease, diabetes, mellitus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Regular oral hygiene reduces the risk of periodontitis. Dental checkups are a mandatory part of the dental prevention of periodontal disease. They include ultrasonic cleaning of soft and hard deposits on teeth and tooth polishing.

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