Dental X-ray imaging is an indispensable procedure in quality dental diagnosis and necessary to assess the condition of the tooth and support structures that we can not see through the clinical examination itself.  Our dental practise is equipped with modern ( digital ) equipment that enables high quality, fast and accurate diagnostics. Using only digital technology we are able to reduce the patients exposure to X-rays .

In dental practise Gmaz you can get the following services :

  • digital orthopantomograph
  • digital radiovisiography – dental X-ray image of one or several teeth


A panoramic radiograph is a panoramic scanning dental X –ray of the upper and lower jaw. Orthopantomograph represents the condition of maxilla and mandible, all the teeth including the „wisdom teeth“ , maxillary sinuses, nasal cavity and temporomandibular joints.

The orthopantomograph is an essential test during the first dental visit and necessary procedure ino ral medicine, implantology and orthodontics. The procedure takes only several minutes so it is not necessary to make an appointment. The image is directly stored and can be recorded on CD or send electronically.


Except for panoramic film the intraoral radiographic films can be reorded if necessary. Radiovisiography enables detailed view of dental – alveolar structures and is necessary for :

  • detection and diagnosis of dental bone lesions
  • confirming the accuracy of certain stages of work during treatment
  • evaluation of immediate post- surgery treatment

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