Dental treatment

Dental treatment or endodontics is a complex process which involves removing the nerves of the pulp chamber and root canal. After the removal, the channels are thoroughly cleaned, shaped and filled with appropriate materials.

Dental treatment is most commonly undertaken due to an advanced inflammation of dental nerves, deep caries or the presence of inflammatory process or granuloma at the root, while sometimes the reason can be an extensive drilling in prosthetic therapy. When it comes to an advanced inflammation of the dental nerves, typical symptoms are present, of which the most common is pain.

In dental treatment root canals have to be completely filled, and the filling must be compact. Therefore, in addition to standard instruments for cleaning the root canal (hand instruments), dentists also use modern mechanical instrumentation (mechanical endodontics), all of it controlled by the root canal length measurement devices. When the root canal filling is completed, the X-rays of teeth are taken.

After dental treatment, if a large part of the tooth surface is missing, it needs to be provided with the filling, lengthening or a crown

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